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Yesterday Tomi Lahren, host of her own show on The Blaze, introduced the " Kits 4 Cops" program to a national audience - Although we are days away from major announcements, you can probably guess what some of them will be by watching the video below. All of us here at MyMedic have donated 100% of our time over the last 18-months to get this program running and so we're excited to watch the next few weeks pass and the official announcements that'll be made.  In case you're not familiar with this program here is an excerpt from the Kits 4 Cops website which can be found at where you can learn more and help out! EVERY YEAR IN THE...

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Product Spotlight (Maxon-Tecnet Radios_

History of Maxon The original company of Maxon established itself in 1974. Within 10 years they became a leader in OEM manufacturing of consumer electronics. The next 20 years saw unprecedented growth in the manufacturing of CB radios, radar detectors, cordless phones, pagers, cellular phones, and land mobile radio products. In addition to the Maxon branded products, a few of the higher profile companies that Maxon manufactured for included Southwestern Bell and Cobra. The Maxon headquarters were located in Seoul, Korea and the establishment of offices around the world grew to include Maxon America, Maxon Australia, Maxon Singapore, and Maxon Europe. Through these locations, the offering and distribution of products now became worldwide. Additional manufacturing facilities were established in Thailand, Philippines, and throughout South...

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